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 Create A Smash Bros. Character's Moveset!

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Online Moderator
Online Moderator

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PostSubject: Create A Smash Bros. Character's Moveset!   Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:54 am

This is a little bit of a big project, and was made for fun. In this topic, you choose a character from any of the smash bros. games, and revamp their moveset how you see fit, add in any extra stuff, like if one of their attacks does minimal damage to themselves, like Mr. Gam and Watch's hammer (when it hits a "1".) or Pichu's electrical attacks. Then tell how much damage each attack does (if it's an attack that damages both the foe, and yourself, put "Foe's Damage: __, My Damage: __." or, if just does damage to foe, "Damage:") and how much knockback it does. (minimal, medium, large knockback.)

NOTE: If you do it, you have do create ALL THE MOVES. By that I mean, in one post, you must list ALL the attacks. Not just the Standards, not just the Specials, not just the Smash, and not just the aireals. Gotta do em all. If you get a writers block (OMG WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO PUT HERE???!!!) you can just stop trying to create it all at once, and just post it, and try to finish it later.
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Online Moderator
Online Moderator

Posts : 86
Join date : 2008-09-06
Age : 30
Location : Over there in the box by the neigborhood hobo

PostSubject: Re: Create A Smash Bros. Character's Moveset!   Fri Jan 02, 2009 7:06 am

Link (Note: I'm doing this by the Classic Controller style. With no edited controlls. If you have a classic controller, figuring out this post might be easier. Also, if I type "(A)" or "(B)" or something like that, that means I'mtyping a button on the controller. Also, I've decided that you don't have to put knockback unless you want to.)

(A): Slash, (A)(A): Double Slash, (A)(A)(A): Double Slash and Stab. Damage: (A): 4, (A)(A): 8, (A)(A)(A): 12.

Left/Right +(A): Sword Thrust,(Damage: 7) Down +(A): Down Spin, (it's Link's down smash from the games. don't worry. I can think of a better down smash for Link...) Up +(A): Upward Stab. (Damage: 13.)

Down +(B): Arrow Change, (Changes the type of arrow you're using. i'll get to that in a minute. Also, itdoes no damage.) (B): Arrow/Fire Arrow/Ice Arrow/Light Arrow. (Arrow does 8 damage when fully charged, Fire Arrow does 12 when fully charged and does Fire Damage, Ice Arrow does 9 when fully charged, and freezes the foe like when hit by a freezie, but only for half a second, and it stops freezing them eventually, and Light Arrow works like Pit's bow, and just goes, but you can't control its direction. It does 18 damage, but each time you use it, the damage goes down by 3, and will eventually only do one damage. The Light arrows will only do 18 damage again when you fight in another match.) FINAL SMASH: Fierce Diety Link. In this forme, Link's attack power gets doubled, he's faster than Sonic, (I'm to slow...) and can jump as high as Luigi.
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Create A Smash Bros. Character's Moveset!
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